Christmas Preparations with Millie

Since everything has happened so quickly around here we weren’t expecting to be Christmassing with a new puppy. Also, all the events that led up to this have put us way behind in our Christmas preparations. Top that with Dennis being in the middle of a crazy work schedule that has him working nights on and off.. we have a bit of catch up to do.

We LOVE Christmas and all the traditions we love to partake in. This year with Millie on board some things will be tapered back but she has been most helpful of late.

Saturday Millie went to the local Garden Centre with us. She charmed everybody and loved the Christmas Decoration shop which led to the Pet Supply shop where she showed us some things she wanted on her Christmas List to Santa. We reminded her that we were there for a very important job – to pick up the Christmas Tree!

Here is Millie with her tree choice!

Millie's 1st Christmas Tree


We are hoping to put it up tomorrow and decorate it on Saturday. I think we are going to have to be creative with the decorations in order to prevent possible disasters when Millie explores her Christmas tree. No train under the tree this year. Its all okay though because having Millie for Christmas is so much better than so many of Christmas’ traditions. Next year there will be time and place for all that.. and she has been a really good puppy helping where she can. Today she helped me bake the gingerbread cookies. She did some taste testing and was very encouraging with her wiggles and yarps.

Millie helps with the Christmas Baking

We have watched several of my favourite Christmas Movies together and she agrees whole heartedly with me -they are great!  Tonight I think we will watch The Snowman. We save A Child’s Christmas in Wales until much closer to Christmas and Dennis and I have a lovely quiet dinner together in the candlelight and watch it enjoying every little detail. This time Millie will be part of that evening too! I think she will love the part with the cats… or the dog barking at the postman. We are both doing Snowdances for snow even though Millie doesnt know what snow is she trusts me when I tell her she is going to LOVE IT!

Please join us in our snowdances so Millie can have her first snow experience. I promise we will write about it and include pictures and possibly video!!

When we ordered a bunch of stuff for Millie (xpen, crate, crate pads, toys, etc. for Millie from a German company they sent Millie a doggy advent Calendar. Each door has a little dog treat in it. This has been great fun for us and Millie. The little treats are things like dried tripe etc. It is so cute!


Millie's 1st Advent Calendar


We are pretty laid back about Christmas. We try to just let it happen every year and what gets done gets done. If it gets too crazy nobody enjoys it. We just go from Christmas moment to moment and try to enjoy each one to the fullest. Millie is making us laugh and she loves a good cuddle which is so sweet.

Hoping you are all enjoying a Merry Christmas Season or whatever you celebrate at this time of year may the joy of your celebration radiate from within.. warming your friends with the glow of your spirit.


  1. I love that advent calendar. Of course a German tradition to sweeten then waiting time between December 01 and Christmas Eve. So lovely that they have that for dogs.

  2. I hope Millie doesn’t help with the gingerbread like Nellie helped with the snowflake cookies… by putting hair in them.

  3. Det er super dejligt at se Millie er så glad, skønt hun hjælper med alt. Hvad har hun sagt til juletræet?
    Flotte billeder

  4. Heather and Dennis,
    I was so sorry to hear about Nells. Thank you for your card, for sharing your life on this blog, and letting me get to know Millie. As you know Heather, I am not a Facebooker, probably never will be, but I can follow your adventures this way and keep in touch. Much happiness to you both in the new year!

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