Millie Minutes

Hi Everyone,

Already I am behind on this blog.. and Millie has been giving us many fabulous “Millie Minutes”.

So I am going to send you to links and post stuff where you can see what Life with Millie has been like this first week! A week almost already! WOW Time flies when you have a puppy!

Here is the place where Dennis posts his pictures… you can download and share any and all.

I post videos from my Iphone to YouTube and you can watch those here:

One of the cutest moments we have had is when Dennis’ decided Millie needed a bath. It wasnt because he thought she was dirty but because he thought she should start young getting use to being bathed. Smart man.

So first he stoked the fire in the wood stove and then he ran a lovely warm bath for her and put her little blue rubber ducky in it. I got all the towels ready and brought him Millie. We didnt use shampoo – this was just a “get use the the water” bath. Check out the pictures:


Millie's First Bath


Poor little girl! She looks a bit pathetic! She sat there and was very very very good and sniffed the water and let Dennis gently rub her with a soaking facecloth and she loved little blue rubber duck.. NO SPLASHING::: YET!!!

So after her bath we towelled her off and I wrapped her in a big fleecy blanket and gave her back to Dennis. Dennis took her downstairs and sat on the floor cuddling her in front of the fire. She fell fast asleep and and was so sweet! She was so comfy and cozy and adorable. After about 40 minutes I asked Dennis if he was okay. He said his foot was asleep.. poor man!! I think his back was sore too. So I got myself settled in our big chair and Dennis handed her off where she slept in my arms for another 30 minutes… she had such a great great great sleep and she woke up so happy and bright. She is such a lovely puppy!

Millie cozy after 1st bath


Millie has been enjoying all her many meals. She loves A38 on them. To you who don’t know what A38 is it is like a high probiotic yoghurt. She loves it!

Millie munches down dinner!


She loves her toys….

Millie sucking on Monkey but she loves toys..


We have been finding things she likes to eat and one thing we discovered is she loves frozen banana…

and she likes frozen carrots too… and of course dried tripe is an absolute favourite.

I have been getting myself organized and doing some training with her besides the obvious house training and bite inhibition stuff. We are doing name recognition which she seems to be getting very well and a bunch of little things to make life easier for all of us. She seems quite smart and I love that she is not relentless about things. She is pretty commonsense. If something isnt working she moves on. Now it is just directing her to what she should move on to… or where she should move on to.

I will have to get more organized with my posting but I just wanted to make sure “Millie Minutes” were getting out to everyone … as she is one very special girl!

We are getting a storm tomorrow and I so hope we get snow.. for Millie and I!!!!!



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