It’s Puppy Day!!!!!

It’s my first post and I am so excited …not because I get to post but what I am posting about – our new Leonberger puppy who we pick up today! The picture is of when we went to see the pups last week and pick our sweet girl out! The truth is she picked us. We are so happy she did.

There is a longish background story to today that I am going to save for another post. Family and friends will read this blog the most and they already know the story..but there will be newcomers and droppers by that really will need to read the background of how this puppy came to be to understand just how incredibly special she is.

What am I doing posting when it is puppy day???????? Well, I am just waiting for Dennis to show up from work so we can go pick her up. The car is already, I have her special new coming home day toy ready, her new to her leash etc. etc. etc. I am sure I am forgetting something but, well, my brain is a bit overwhelmed with excitement and trepidation. Its been a long while since I have had my own puppy to raise and Dennis has never raised a puppy. We will do our best.. and learn and listen and take cues from our sweet girl.

You are right.. no name yet… because we are going to let her pick her name. We have a list and we will try them out and she can tell us which one is her.

I think I heard Dennis…. YAY… will update as soon as possible! SO EXCITED!!!!! Wish us luck!

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